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Help reach the 80% of our city that never darken the doors of a church Sponsor A Billboard!

Have you seen the billboards? In March of this year 6500 people from the KC region visited the website iamsecond.com. In April and May during the time we had the billboards up 45,000 people visited the website and stayed online an average of 7 minutes. That means they watched a video and heard the Gospel. The billboards are part of an outreach strategy to reach the 80% of our city that never darken the doors of a church by creating curiosity around those three little words..I…am…Second. It works!

Current Round of Billboards Starts Nov 28 – Dec 25

We were able to secure 8 sponsors for the current round of Sponsor a Billboard.  You should see those billboards between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sponsor a Billboard – Easter  (April 2012)

35 SPONSORS NEEDED – The next round of BILLBOARDS is scheduled to go up around Easter (April 2012).  The cost is only $1500/billboard and we have until February 29 to locate the sponsors. Your church, ministry, business, small group or family can help make a difference.

For a list of actual billboards and locations you can sponsor email us at info@iamsecondKC.com or click here to contribute to the next round of Billboards SPONSOR A BILLBOARD! or send donations to: I am Second KC, c/o National Christian Foundation-Heartland, 706 Lindenwood Dr, Olathe, KS 66062.

The rest of 2012 – Billboard Schedule:

  • June 2012 – Summer
  • September 2012 – Back to School



As a sponsor we need more than just the dollars we need your prayers as well. The goal is to have every billboard paid for and prayed for by a church/ministry, small group, business or family within 2-3 miles of that Billboard.

Think about it! A prayer walk around your Billboard…a picture of your Billboard on the announcements for Sunday morning or on your refrigerator as a reminder to pray for the 20-30 people each day who will visit the website because of that Billboard.

Take a look at the 60+ministries already involved with IASKC

College Church of the Nazarene
Colonial Presbyterian Church
Indian Creek Community Church
Kansas City Baptist Temple
Kansas City Community Church
Lenexa Baptist Church
Life Church
Mid Town Baptist Temple
New Life Family Church
Northland Baptist Church
Paseo Baptist Church
Servant Christian Community Foundation
Servant Church, KC
Westside Family Church

Need Help?

CHURCHES....Need help, training or coaching on how to effectively use IAS? Click here for more information.

Look Who’s Talking

"The folks at Calvary Chapel are wearing the IAS bracelets and we have seen people come to salvation and become a part of our Church simply because of conversations that started from people asking "what does that mean."
Jim Stewart/Pastor

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