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Starting an I am Second group is SIMPLE!  I am Second groups are meant to be easy to start and easy to lead, no complicated long drawn out training process.  What make these groups so simple is that they use the power of the stories on the website to start the conversation and a simple facilitation model for the leader.  It goes like this……..

Watch a video…read a short passage from the Bible…ask the 6 questions:

  1. What did you like about this story?
  2. What did you not like about this story?
  3. What does this story teach about people?
  4. What does this story teach about God?
  5. How are you going to apply this to your life?
  6. Who can you share what you’ve learned here today with?
How To Start an IAS Group:  Here’s some more material and a short video on how to start your own IAS Group.
Free IAS SMall Group Materials:  There’s a whole series of IAS small group materials you can download straight from the main website…FREE.
KC IAS Groups: The main website has a feature that allows you to share your small group with people near you.  Take a look at all the IAS groups currently meeting in the KC region.
Register Your IAS Group:  Here’s where you will find simple instruction on how to register your small group so it shows up on the map when people in the area go looking.  And while you’re at it Register Your Church!
IAS Training for your Church!: We can train your people in 3 short hours on how to use IAS as a tool to reach beyond the four walls of your church.  We’ll show you how any church and every believer can participate in the simple IAS strategy…Sponsor a Billboard, Share the Stories, Start a Group. 

Take a look at the 60+ministries already involved with IASKC

College Church of the Nazarene
Colonial Presbyterian Church
Indian Creek Community Church
Kansas City Baptist Temple
Kansas City Community Church
Lenexa Baptist Church
Life Church
Mid Town Baptist Temple
New Life Family Church
Northland Baptist Church
Paseo Baptist Church
Servant Christian Community Foundation
Servant Church, KC
Westside Family Church

Need Help?

CHURCHES....Need help, training or coaching on how to effectively use IAS? Click here for more information.

Look Who’s Talking

"The folks at Calvary Chapel are wearing the IAS bracelets and we have seen people come to salvation and become a part of our Church simply because of conversations that started from people asking "what does that mean."
Jim Stewart/Pastor

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