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Welcome to the new I Am Second Kansas City website and blog! Expect lots of new updates about the IAS Revolution going on here in Kansas City!


  1. Rob Stewart

    December 5, 2011

    Last night i had the opportunity to hear Whispering Danny’s testimony in person. Danny, although you whisper as you speak, YOU my man have a beautiful testimony to share, inspiring to hear what God has done in your life and through you. The Prodigal Son, I have always considered myslef as the Prodigal Son, living a life so far from God, paid my taxes and didn’t kill anyone but lived a self centered life of drinking and partying as often as possible, and then in 2004 i started a new journey, and after 4 years of kicking the tires on the claims of Jeus, i was baptized and reborn, 8/24/08 was a day that I will never forget, a day where I truly felt like I wanted to become a follower instead of just a Sunday morning fan. I came home, and i feel honored everyday to pick up my own cross and just hope Jesus uses me, that has been a really cool transformation, as I’ve grown in my knowledge, i see Jesus using me in more and more ways. I too likened the Story of the Prodigal Son in my walk, but as I’ve continued to read and grow in His word, i’ve come to realize that I was also the woman in the street, many times over, i was her. And I have also been in the crowd, ready to throw stones too….. I have been the disciples in the boat with Jesus, scared as the storms rocked my boat, my Haiti, my Katrina, my world, but then when my focus went back on Jesus, he was sleeping in my boat, man it taught me peace, and trust in those storms. It’s okay, trust HIM, his is the prince of peace, my Abba Father or Daddy is right there, right beside us. How cool was Jesus? I would have hung out with that dude….. I also love the stories of David, man how many times have we faced our giants, and trembled, and lost? David went to battle with all of God’s armies to defeat His giant, the Goliath. And reading further, wow it was obvious that David stumbled often, everytime he lost focus on God, he failed misserably, just misserably….and how did he do as a father? As a husband? Pretty darn poor, but looking at his life, man did he ever pursue God with his heart….
    I see myself in many, many stories, i see others in many, many stories in the bible, i belive that is for a reason, he knows our stories, they have happened many, many times, nothing new to God, we just repeat sin, over and over. What about the woman at the well? And Jesus ask her to come to the living well, how many wells have we chased Danny? Wow, lots of the world’s wells, lots and lots and none of them come close to giving me the peace and wisdom that this IAMSECOND bible gives me….. not even close.
    Hey loved your story about infinity, the universe, the world, Austrialia, it’s cool stuff and got my brain thinking how amazing is it that from space looking back at earth, yea that tiny speck called earth. How much stuff, stuff man, is going on on that little speck in the universe. Good, bad and losts and losts of ugly. That thought came directly from your thoughts!
    Thanks Danny, keep spreading “LIFE” to others, you are a gem of a guy!

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